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I strive to deliver genuine images that are not manipulated and that do not create an altered perception of reality.

Please remember that the land we recreate on is sacred and it needs protection; I ask for you to kindly practice the Leave No Trace principles while you seek your own adventures and to help spread the positivity of protecting our precious land...popularity should not be worth exploitation :

LNT Writes a New Principle for Social Media

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You’re probably wondering what the significance behind the site logo is: MTN Dweller. I was raised under the protective cover of the mountains, from the Italian Dolomiti to the Rocky Mountains of Western America; my connection to them only pushed me to seek them in my adult life, guiding me from Boone, North Carolina to New Zealand to Park City, Utah in a two year span. Since then, I’ve called the Northern Cascades of Washington, the Teton Range of Wyoming/Idaho, and the Madison Range of Montana, home. Ultimately, my heart lies in Utah with the Wasatch Range. Truth be told, they have been more than just a place to call home; they’ve taught me about myself in ways that could not be accomplished in any other methods, they’ve broken to me to pieces and yet they’ve been the place of healing in return. Of my three other siblings, I was the only one who couldn’t successfully find life outside of the mountains, longing too much for their peaks, ridgelines, and views. My long love affair with these aspects was not the entire inspiration for the name, MTN Dweller, though. It came to me after slinking through the pages of a book by my favorite author, titled, “confessions of a barbarian”, in which he speaks of being a “dweller”. I was driven by that sense of authenticity; to live genuinely within your surroundings. It was upon the first moment that I visited the desert of Southern Utah when I realized that mountains were no longer confined to the alpine environments; I was awe-struck by the power of Mother Nature all over again as She redefined the word ‘mountain’ for me.

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