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Smack in the midst of my twenties, carrying a camera in my right hand on a consistent basis, a border collie trailing my every move, and typically responding to the name "Kenzie", I have been photographing since I was eleven years old and writing since my teen years. 

Raised by the Dolomiti Alps in Northern Italy, tamed by the Bavarian Alps in Germany, humbled by the ski hills of Appalachia, given the life lessons amongst The Wasatch Range of Northern Utah, finding solace in the peaks of Wyoming, and finally calling the Madison Range home, the Rockies have become my roots and they will see the ends of my days. 

I decided to begin writing as a form of therapy, not just for myself, but because I knew there were others carrying burdens as heavy as my own; for years I had buried what had happened in my past only to have it resurface in a worse, more gruesome fashion. My PTSD, anxiety, and depression had me in and out of doctors' offices, eventually leading to an entire breakdown that left me with what felt like no possibility of returning to normal. The writing became a way to heal and to help others finding healing, a place for people to find the words they could not otherwise formulate for themself. Now it is my outlet in the attempts to live with a quieter mind. 

As for my passion, the photography started one year with an innate desire to want to bring the world to those who could not otherwise experience it for themselves. I was dedicated to producing images that could grab your attention without being manipulated; I wanted to deliver an image that would not create an unrealistic expectation for the viewer, but instead would genuinely reflect exact feeling and visual. Nowadays, I am fighting hard to protect the sacred places of recreation that are being freely exploited in the name of popularity among social media platforms. 

Last but not least: Zukini The Pup. I adopted him with very little understanding of just everything he would teach me about myself while showing me exactly how to enjoy life the right way. He was found on the side of an Idahoan highway in a box along with his mother and four other siblings, by Nuzzles and Co, a local Park City animal shelter, and ultimately riding shotgun by September 9th, 2017 with me. He is a Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix, turns another year older every April, and steals the heart of any soul that sees his smiling little face. 


If you would like to schedule a shoot or collaborate, please feel free to get in touch with me at 

- McKenzie Aryn 

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