To Purchase Prints...

2017 Canyonlands-Moab-50.jpg

** posted 7/10/18: If you would like to help donate to my project and to receive a finished piece upon completion, please scroll down to the Venmo section of this post. I will be using the funds to order prints for the final product! STAY TUNED FOR THE ETSY SHOP LINK! **


After deciding not to pursue a degree in photography and instead let my passion for the outdoors guide me all the while toting the camera to every outing, I was determined to keep my photography from being put on the back burner while I figured out a stable career and lifestyle. Prints are for sale, however due to my financial in-capabilities, I am not yet able to directly sell what would be a physical print (I am working towards this goal!) so…

Here’s how it works:

You choose the photos that you would like:

Please  email with screenshots, descriptions, or however you need to convey which photos you would like;

Once you’ve selected your photos, I will upload their original files onto a Google Drive Folder which you will have access to;

- you will need to provide me with an email address 

- you will receive an email within 1-2 days of selecting your photos

- the link provided in that email will give you access to your photos and from there you will be able to download them directly to your computer

*the original file allows for you to print at any size or on any medium, as many times as you would like*



1 photo = $5

5 photos = $20

10 photos = $45

15 photos = $60

20 photos = $75

Unlimited choice = $150

Please feel free to reach out at any time.