Moving Day! (Tomorrow)

“we are picking up the uhaul this evening”

a uhaul, haha, you’ve never needed one of those!” - my mother

We pushed our departure date a week forward, something was telling us to do it. Our first apartment together, though we’ve already been inseparable. There are more moments filled with little giggles of excitement over us moving in together.

Yesterday Chris calls me from work to let me know that I should go pick up some putty for the wall before the store closes. Success. Return home to do the patch work thanks to my dog’s annoying separation anxiety behaviors. Go to open the putty with the putty knife and suddenly my thumb is sliced open. Hmm that’ll be a good scratch. Oh…..oh shit okay it’s bleeding a lot, that was quick. Blood droplets mark the bathroom floor and sink - that stuff is not easy to clean out of tile flooring, I don’t know how people get away with murder….

Painful little slice, my god. Woke me up three times throughout the night with a pain that made me moan. Looked sealed up nicely this morning but oh god, the pressure, couldn’t put much on it without feeling like I needed to vomit. Had to have a seat to regain myself. There is something about my own pain/blood, makes me weak. Passed out in my old house in Park City at the depth of a pedal to the thigh wound. Too much meat exposed.

Moving has become one with my anxiety, goes unnoticed until the key moment. Christopher is missing this place already. 2 years, I haven’t been away from Utah more than six months at a time, I can’t imagine leaving a place after two years….oh wait, that was Utah. I wonder if we will ever get called back to Big Sky. Can’t believe I am moving again, the UPS must not think highly of me.

It’ll be the first time that I tow anything personally. Sure, I’m used to twenty foot beds but something on the back of my own car? Thank god Christopher understands the importance of loading placement with trailers. “We don’t get to ride together” “maybe we can download some kind of walkie talkie app…..or wait, I guess just call each other hah”.

5.5 hours from Big Sky, 4 hours from the desert gems we miss oh so much, 7.5 hours from friends and family in Colorado, 1 international airport in town….and to think that we had looked at Spokane, WA. Chris looked over at me the other night, “how do you feel about going to the desert….maybe….” “next weekend? yeah yeah yeah yeah” we are like children.

I can’t wait to get back to cooking. I miss that the absolute most. And grocery shopping, normal grocery shopping in an evenly priced store. Oh what we have been missing!