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They'll Choose When...

What a lovely discovery it has been over the weekend to find that Vail: Park City has decided to up and change policies that just a couple months ago they were stubbornly headstrong on not changing. 

This message was shared with the employees at Park City Mountain: 

Dogs - Starting mid April HR has a policy on dogs on property.  If you are a guest you can bring your dog. It should be on a leash. It is up to the hotel if the dog is allowed to stay in the hotel room.  We can ask the guest if the dog is a Service Animal, but we cannot ask for proof or paperwork. We also cannot ask what service the dog provides.  As an employee you cannot bring your dog to work while on the clock. But you can bring your dog when you are off the clock because you are then considered a guest.   If you are an employee and have a service animal bring your paperwork to HR and you are free to bring your animal to work. " 

In March 2018, while employed with Park City Mountain Human Resources, I was written up by a coworker (who wrote me up after petting my dog that day, previous days before that, who kept her kid's skis in my office, and who should have been figuring out how to keep employee housing as an option for one of Vail's biggest resorts). At the time, the policy was no dogs period and if you needed your ESA with you, the four pages of paperwork that needed your medical history dated back to birth, would allow that, only after it was reviewed by the HR Director. Basically, wrap your arm around your neck twice and shove it in a place we don't speak about, and then try to sign the paper they needed.

The above statement, posted and emailed to employees the week of April 9-13, 2018, depicts that IF you are an employee, you just need to bring your ESA certs in and YOU ARE GOOD. 

Here's my thought process: my write-up was made known, I didn't keep it a secret what my own department had done that to me, and with that I began to be approached by other current employees who were bringing their dog(s) to work, with no problems. They would express their shock and secondarily their concern for their own situations, fearing that they too would suffer the same reprimands that were otherwise completely unfair. Then, a recruiter from my HR office adopted a new dog (not a puppy, it was aged beyond the first year by far) and she was keeping it in her office which was conveniently located out of sight from the front doors. After having other coworkers from that office confirm that this was occurring, I brought it up to my supervisor upon which she said "I am not responsible for Hannah". Cool, so with our own HR Director being Hannah's higher up, she was letting her get away with it and essentially looking the other way. 

Since leaving Vail Resorts, I've realized that I spent my whole time fighting things that ACTUALLY had grounds but no one had the courage to step up and work towards a goal that would accomplish respecting what is fundamentally right and wrong. Until the person up top decides it's time for change, no change happens in that company. 

I'm happy that folks will be able to bring their pups to work without fear of losing their jobs.

In case Park City would like to pay attention to any of the other topics that they are currently failing in, please read (EVail: The Wrong Going On article on this site) for a closer, in depth review about Vail Resorts operations in Park City, Utah.