Mountain Dweller


Here to bring light to the issues that people sweep under rugs to bring healing to those who can't find their own words for their experiences and to promote change through individuality. 

The Elements

The air that I found distinguished the embers

of all the fires that you started with your flame 

What should have been purifying became riddled with gasoline

as we watched our world burn with anger and misunderstanding 

You were fire, I was water, and I learned too late

that my buckets were not full enough to hold your fire 

As I laid defeated and scorched, drowning in my own element 

I found my breath, the air that saved me. 

His air became uplifting 

my world suddenly revived and illuminated 

chiming with reminder that the purity that once rippled through me

could again overcome me. 

I am water and your flames do not threaten me any longer.