Mountain Dweller


Here to bring light to the issues that people sweep under rugs to bring healing to those who can't find their own words for their experiences and to promote change through individuality. 

The Power of One

Reflection piece lies ahead....


I first laid eyes on you, much like the breeze graced my skin that evening; the nights were becoming warmer, I tried really hard to go unnoticed as I attempted to detail you from a distance. You caught me eye, your bike caught my attention. I refocused on the dog; don't even, girl. 

I watched from the trunk of my outback, swaddled in a sleeping bag, as you approached the only other person that I knew by name in town; her dogs were flowing with elation at the sight of you and my heart both dropped and swelled for the love that I was witnessing while accepting that you were not available for my own eyes. 

Your friend had far more words to share than you did, you two had come to this very park to play that day and here, the two of you sat, on the ground and at the foot of my car, whisking words back and forth with me. It was purely organic. I swear, the colors in the sky that night were more radiant than the evening skies I had seen up to then. 

In the midst of all that was fresh and new, you chose me and I chose you. Falling asleep in the comfort of your arms, waking with a quiet giggle about how surprisingly comfortable a couch was with having shared it. I returned home, tickled by how natural it felt to be in your light, tearing down a few bricks from the wall, hoping that I wouldn't find myself rebuilding them. 

I have gone many years with my mind swarming with unanswered questions about love and "the one", believe fully with all of my heart that we are not destined for just one, single soul-mate, that we have many soulmates around the world. As humans, we house such a powerful ability of learning how to love, how to accept. I could ask the question, "how did you know" until my mouth went numb and I still would not have an answer. It's a feeling, it's emotion, it's a conglomerate of so many unspoken things between two people that no one can turn around and say, "no". Love is love and you know when you have found it, only when you have found it. 

It feels weightless, unburdened; it feels stubborn, misunderstood; blissful and oh so beautiful. It lives in the excitement for what each new day may bring to you both, it's the look in each of your eyes and knowing that you are here to remain, to fight for the love that you found, and to never stop helping bring each other to their best. 

The Power of One, the light that encourages you to grow, who waters your roots when you have encountered depletion. I will grow with you, I will grow for us. There is power in love and it is worth the burdened wait.