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Write Up: CBD Infused Treats + Dog Anxiety

First and foremost, I am ecstatic to be writing this piece. I am strong supporter of the medical benefits that have been linked to the usage of CBD oils and try to practice holistic healing methods before trying other options. 

About a week before the Fourth of July, I was mid conversation with someone when the topic of "anxious dogs" became our focus. Lucky me, I had stumbled into a person who homemade special dog treats that were infused with CBD oil and he himself used them on his smaller Australian Shepard. A few days later, I had a handful of 1mg dosed treats to try with my own dog. 

Zuke's anxiety has no special qualifying factors: he is afraid of thunder, fireworks, loud trucks, and separation from mom. His ears fold back, he slinks around with his tail tucked in, and eventually he will just stop moving around and sit in one place like an uncomfortable, awkwardly hurt dog. While trying to take him out to pee before The Fourth, one firecracker popped off and he bolted right back to the front door. It was time to try something for him...

Naturally, I was reluctant. I worry when I have to give Zuke medication or anything out of the norm because he can't communicate his discomforts with him, like say for instance if he felt dizzy or light headed. I decided to do a trial run with him the night before The Fourth, giving him half of a treat square which totaled to .5mg of CBD oil. Stressed from the random fireworks going off that evening, he was already working himself into a state. About thirty to forty minutes after giving him the treat, he was sleeping soundly in between my partner and I. I was able to open the window again and he slept unbothered by the remaining sounds that evening. The next morning, he woke at the sound of my alarm with such a rejuvenated sense of liveliness and even ate his breakfast! His eating habits are a different story.....

I was so relieved that it worked so positively for him that it gave me peace of mind going into The Fourth. At around 7:00 pm, I gave him a whole treat, 1mg of CBD oil, accompanied by two other normal dog treats (from Bark Box, yay) and we spent fifteen minutes hanging out with him while it kicked in. I also conveniently have a "nook" in my open closet and was able to create a little fort-styled atmosphere for Zuke's bed to be in so that he had a makeshift sound-proof dog house. This turned out to be a huge factor in his overall comfort! Every time we came home to check-in on him, he was soundly curled up in his nook. 

My partner and I came home before the fireworks really began to kick off; I'm lucky enough to have someone who is understanding of this unique situation and who is willing to alter their plans to be considerate. Zuke made it through The Fourth with as much ease as we could have given him and I'm happy to report that he woke this morning with all his puppy love and happiness.