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Welcome the Break

Deleting Facebook was one of the better thing that I've dedicated myself to. Until five days ago. Coming up consistently short on money, I started looking around at my materials that make life more enjoyable, sizing them up for their sale day. Thus, the (re)creation of my Facebook page: I needed to sell things to survive. 

The reintroduction is slightly exciting; I took to the options of not adding people mainly because I was not concerned with rebuilding this online friend group and instead have had many folks add me upon finding the profile (I'm assuming). 1) Do they just want to see what I've been up to? 2) Oh...these people might have actually cared.....

So now it's time for Instagram to rest on the back burner. I came across the term "FOMO" and decided it was time to give it up. I don't want to experience FOMO, I want to believe that I have an interesting enough life to worry about and don't need to be wrapped up in the fear of missing out on anything. My only fear right now is missing out on my dream job opportunity. 

Social media makes you feel...alone, it makes you question your purpose or worth, it gives you subconscious measurements for life and guidelines on what happiness looks like. What an awful tool. Our magazine/fashion companies have begun the revolution of breaking down the stereotype, judgement, and overall skewed view of what people should look like...and then social media is waltzing in like a tornado on steroids. Oh, but it's not about what you look like anymore, it's about what kind of happiness you're soaking in on daily basis. 

I've always wanted to be known for my photographs, not my face. I wrote on a sticky note today, "but what did you do to leave this place better?" I've loathed people for their success and talents instead of trying first to water my own garden. I will admit to mindlessly clicking through posts that have no affect on me, I just wanted the attention. I used to be particular, very selective in who received my attention and recognition, careful about who I complimented. I used to care about how many "likes" or "happy birthday" posts I received. It's all superficial and we live and breathe on its spectrum. 

That's why I need a break, a realignment of my purpose and worth, because social media shouldn't be capable of killing a passion. 

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