Mountain Dweller


Here to bring light to the issues that people sweep under rugs to bring healing to those who can't find their own words for their experiences and to promote change through individuality. 


Open roads, new lands, and endless opportunity, oh how it tickles me with familiarity. I miss it so much. 

The other day, my partner was brainstorming with me regarding our move to Salt Lake; for me it was never really a thought, at least it hasn't been since I lived in Washington, when I also started to minimize. While house sitting for a couple for over three months, I began to adopt their practices without them even being present - it was their lifestyle that existed even when they were not there that inspired me. Slowly but surely, I would analyze my closet daily, leaving the right hand side of the closet for the clothes I picked out often to wear versus the left hand side, where the clothes that hung were not commonly chosen. Eventually I dwindled down to almost three of everything, with a handful of extra socks and underwear because let's face it, a person can never have too many socks. Socks rock. 

My life can fit into my Subaru. Does it mean that I don't miss my desk? Holy crap yes I do, I miss the freedom of that space and how much more productive it kept me. But the passing landscapes through the car windows, the silhouettes of a city of rocks surrounding you as you lay your head to rest for the day, that I will always miss more. 

There have been more times in the last six months that I have whispered into Zuke's ear, I'm going to make this better for us, I'm going to get us back on the road. For a person that doesn't dream at night, the daylight is what gives me something to stay dreamy about. A restless soul, I miss the dirt in my hair and befriending the lovely human at this week's local coffee shop; I miss the gusts of wind that make you feel like you can fly for a second and connecting with other people about the grounds we smother with our feet. 

No one ever told us, about the beautiful mess that life becomes when the structure of a classroom ceases to exist; our 9 to 5 becomes a lifestyle instead of a checklist. They don't tell you how lost you will find yourself, how the universe strings moments together to bring you yours when the time comes. Maybe if they told us, we wouldn't move, we wouldn't pursue. 

The feeling of holding a camera in my right hand, my dog tailing me, knowing that I have photos to edit when I return home to my absolute level of comfort, it's something I want to chase for the rest of my life. There was a point that I looked at that very camera and almost decided to give it all up. If I was going to delete all of my social media accounts, why take photos? But it's the dream, the wall made of cork board that's littered with my photographs, some small, some large, all full of life, with stories begging to be told as they stand as moments of time. 

I'll keep chasing it till I'm running with it. 

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