You're Going to Write Until Your Fingers Bleed

Not everyone is going to listen. Shit, people hardly take the time.

It’s kind of amazingly funny how many people will encourage you to follow your dreams and then spend no time showing their support.

But that’s the basis, I don’t write for others, I write for myself, because it feels better to get it out than it does to keep it in a journal.

Sometimes, I am disappointed to be a woman. To be apart of the bandwagoning events that we create. I know our society is fucked, it’s more than fucked up. Women, no, victims, can’t speak up because they don’t know how, they know better, they know that their words won’t matter. We’ve been taught this. Ingrained with this. Unless you have every slice of evidence at your disposal, someone else is working to manipulate what was factually found. It’s just a fact. It’s the system we have bred: innocent until proven guilty.

It’s not going to change for us, not now. They are closer than ever to making it illegal to rid your body of the filth that’s been created because a man decided his actions and desires were far more important than what you desired in life.

We are victims. It’s not a role we signed up for. At some point, someone violated us. Violated. Not made uncomfortable. See, when you’re uncomfortable, you should have the ability to speak up, but then, oh then you are violated for speaking up. Where is the right turn? There wasn’t one for us.

I hate watching such key platforms on social media, suddenly share their victim stories. Where were you before the trend started? You were living and breathing with your trauma. So why now? Why did someone telling you that you were a bad dog owner suddenly help you identify the connection of how you were a victim 15 years ago? You would have known well before that. These people, these platforms, they are doing it for the reach, for the seeming “connection” that they “hope” to provide to their followers. Ha, no. You just want more clicks.

If you cared enough, you would be fighting harder. I gave up a long time ago. I can’t do anything to help the next person, because that attacker will still exist, no amount of self defense can stop some people from their desires. They kill for them. You aren’t helping anyone by creating a space for them to relate to. Maybe that’s the hypocrisy behind my entire blog. I always wanted to help people, to help them find healing. People don’t want healing, they want attention. They want publicity. Fucking Social Media.

So bandwagon, you fools. Bandwagon away. Cry in your pillows when they make abortion illegal. We saw it coming. Cry when your birth control becomes as expensive as your monthly grocery bill. FUCKING CRY. This world, our American Society, it. is. not. changing. No matter how much publicity, no matter how much we march and demand, it’s never going to change. We have corrupt folks running an even more corrupt business. That’s all American Society is, one big business scam.

Make a choice to keep living. Make a choice to stand up for yourself. Do you know that women are still stoned to death in other countries? Be thankful for the fucking freedom you thrive in, the freedom to have an opinion without being executed for it.